Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So on Monday I began a workshop on Etching – pretty lengthy process but the outcomes have been really nice ! Originally I was going to do some really random abstract prints (e.g. using patterns found on the floor / tables) however due to the nature of the workshop I ended up producing a drawing using one of the photo’s I took of the rusty old bike I found back at home. It is still quite abstract as it’s a close up of the wires / metal so hopefully it should work nicely with the found newsprint. The only thing that worries me is how I will print the plate onto newsprint (as the paper needs to be damp and the newsprint will probably just disintegrate in water.) Apparently you can still print onto paper without it being damp however there is no certainty of how clear the image will be – this might be quite interesting though so I think I’ll try it out. At the moment I’ve just been printing onto normal printing paper so the prints are quite plain – I need to work out how I can use them. They are pretty nice on there own however I think they could be a lot more interesting if worked into or used in some way. I’ll post some photo’s up when I get a chance to take some !

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