Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Another Nice Winter Walk !

So today I decided to go out on another walk – only local but I just had to get out the house, I was so bored ! This is literally the only thing I have done today ! I’m really looking forward to getting back to Dundee now !



P1068768As many people have probably already realised I am obsessed with silhouettes ! Especially during winter – their so crisp against the crystal clear blue skies converting what are normally quite subtle objects into clean, bold, graphic outlines.

P1068769 P1068778

P1068780 P1068790


P1068818Icicles are pretty amazing ! I don’t come across them often but their were loads on Aintree racecourse next to my house coming off the barriers so I took the opportunity to get a few photo’s of them!


P1068846 P1068852 P1068858 This was a piece of Ice I found on the floor underneath one of the barriers. I decided to hold it up to the setting sun and get a few photo’s. My hands actually froze but I think it was worth it ! The patterns and formations of the ice are just so pretty and interesting !


P1068905  Whilst on the walk I had to go and have a look at that rusted motorbike again ! There’s just something appealing about it especially for my project on Found and Unwanted objects. It was interesting to see the bike in different lighting. It had a completely different appeal. Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures without flash (except for this one with the back lighting of the sky) but I do still like some of them.


P1068909  P1068910


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