Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So on Monday I began a workshop on Etching – pretty lengthy process but the outcomes have been really nice ! Originally I was going to do some really random abstract prints (e.g. using patterns found on the floor / tables) however due to the nature of the workshop I ended up producing a drawing using one of the photo’s I took of the rusty old bike I found back at home. It is still quite abstract as it’s a close up of the wires / metal so hopefully it should work nicely with the found newsprint. The only thing that worries me is how I will print the plate onto newsprint (as the paper needs to be damp and the newsprint will probably just disintegrate in water.) Apparently you can still print onto paper without it being damp however there is no certainty of how clear the image will be – this might be quite interesting though so I think I’ll try it out. At the moment I’ve just been printing onto normal printing paper so the prints are quite plain – I need to work out how I can use them. They are pretty nice on there own however I think they could be a lot more interesting if worked into or used in some way. I’ll post some photo’s up when I get a chance to take some !

Monday, 25 January 2010

Yellow Pages !

So there was a yellow pages lying about in the flat and I’ve been looking quite a bit into paper art so I thought I could use it in some way. Below are the results. I was basically experimenting with crumpling the paper and making a sculpture from it. The idea is to use the whole of the yellow pages – or until the sculpture becomes spherical.


P1249031  P1249029 P1249035

I really like the random patterns you get when combining the crumpled paper together. I love how organic it’s starting to look – almost like a coral and  the different colours that are brought together which I probably wouldn't normally use with one another. I shall keep on working on this until it’s either spherical or the pages run out (which I doubt they will!). I’ve really enjoyed working with paper and I think using this material for my project will provide a lot of potential for further works – especially due to the fact it’s so readily available and in terms of “found and unwanted objects” it’s always there to be salvaged !

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Discarded Newsprint !

Well I finally got round to taking some pictures of some of the newsprint I have salvaged !








There is just something about them that is really beautiful to look at. I think it’s the randomness of the marks – no thought of how they are put together.

I had my first tutorial yesterday with Arthur which was pretty useful ! He suggested etching on top of these with other random marks. I think this could be really successful so I’m going to have a word with Pete later on today to see if I can get a sort of workshop on Etching. From what I’ve seen of other peoples etchings I think it would lend itself really well to printing on top of these newsprints.

Friday, 15 January 2010

New Project Brief (Unsure what to call it yet !)

The initial inspiration for this project has spawned from scraps of news print left by people in the printing room. There is something I find visually and aesthetically beautiful about how prints are transferred and layered on top of each another onto newsprint, as it is used again and again on the printing press.

During my last project I salvaged some of the scrap newsprint I came across and admired it for it’s accidental beauty. This has led on to me looking at more found objects / unwanted items and thinking of ways in which I could use them within my work.  There are so many objects out there which are dismissed and not looked upon with any thought, which are actually really interesting and inspiring things of beauty !

In this project I want to collect any found and unwanted objects which shout out something to me, and give them a new life in which they can be appreciated more. This may include working into objects and combining them to make new pieces of art, or simply enhancing the way in which they are displayed; giving them a chance to show off their existing visual appeal. Each object has it’s own history and story and this is something I would also like to consider when making works from them. Exploring the properties of different objects and experimenting with them shall play a part in what can be created from the objects I come across in this project.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Another Nice Winter Walk !

So today I decided to go out on another walk – only local but I just had to get out the house, I was so bored ! This is literally the only thing I have done today ! I’m really looking forward to getting back to Dundee now !



P1068768As many people have probably already realised I am obsessed with silhouettes ! Especially during winter – their so crisp against the crystal clear blue skies converting what are normally quite subtle objects into clean, bold, graphic outlines.

P1068769 P1068778

P1068780 P1068790


P1068818Icicles are pretty amazing ! I don’t come across them often but their were loads on Aintree racecourse next to my house coming off the barriers so I took the opportunity to get a few photo’s of them!


P1068846 P1068852 P1068858 This was a piece of Ice I found on the floor underneath one of the barriers. I decided to hold it up to the setting sun and get a few photo’s. My hands actually froze but I think it was worth it ! The patterns and formations of the ice are just so pretty and interesting !


P1068905  Whilst on the walk I had to go and have a look at that rusted motorbike again ! There’s just something appealing about it especially for my project on Found and Unwanted objects. It was interesting to see the bike in different lighting. It had a completely different appeal. Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures without flash (except for this one with the back lighting of the sky) but I do still like some of them.


P1068909  P1068910



Some artists I found on browsing on the net which have been of inspiration towards my project based upon found / unwanted objects so far.

Dianne Cooper -


Douglas White -





Jade Pegler -





Stuart Haygarth -




Lynne Perella -

merelyamanweb[1] preservationx2rev[1]


Tim O’Kane -




I will probably come back and talk in more detail about some of these artists in a future blog later on in the project.