Sunday, 3 January 2010

Freshfields Beach

I haven’t been to Freshfields in soooo long ! Probably due to the fact I now live up north ! But I used to love going on nice family walks there !  There’s something beautiful about going the beach at Winter. It’s so crisp and fresh so I was looking forward to going on a nice stroll with the family there again! This time with the addition of Polo the dog ! I thought this would be another opportunity to come across some interesting found objects ! Beaches are great places for these !


PC298280Freshfields isn’t just a beach but also consists of a brilliant forest with some really interesting tree’s ! I love abstract patterns you can come across in bark – I think these need to be used in some way at some point in my work ! Maybe not in this project but there's definitely some potential in using natural abstract patterns !


PC298283OK so this is a really rubbishy taken picture of my little 8 year old brother Kyle but there’s just something about it I love haha ! He never actually fell over after this !


PC298293 This is another picture I really like. That’s my mum in the back ground – That dash of red just makes the picture – without it, it would be pretty boring ! Again there is just something about this which appeals to me. OK its a simple picture but the detail of the tree bark, the soft subtle background and the small  injection of red work really well together. 


PC298298Doesn’t look like England does it ?! This is just as you approach the beach from the woods. There area loads of these interesting  windswept tree’s  along with the forever changing sand dunes !



I know a lot of these pictures haven’t related to my project at all but everything counts as influential doesn’t it ! Even if it’s not to this project ! It may be of inspiration for another ! OK so this probably wont be but I just like it haha ! Little Polo in his red jacket lol. I really like the angles of this picture. The fact that the horizon isn’t straight is what makes this picture Along with the black lead leading off the picture and the position Polo is standing.  I’m thinking of maybe creating an extra blog just for Photo’s and as a space to talk about them?! Or I may just use this for everything - photo’s I like, work I like, ideas etc! Hmm I’m unsure !


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I’ve always loved rusted worn metal and I’m excited to try and do something with it in this project ! I actually took this back home with me even thought I can’t take it back up with me to Dundee. I just thought it’d nice to do some studies of. I especially love the colours you find in this type  of worn metal. There always really rich and compliment each other so nicely ! The shape of the metal is also always interesting from every angle !


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Some people wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about a piece of metal like this as me but I just think it’s so beautiful ! The twists, folds and rich rusty colours along with the abstract jagged shapes just make this type of found object a thing of beauty ! I think I may take some more images of this piece of metal in a studio type setting to capture some interesting shadows etc.

Some more interesting found objects pictured below. Unfortunately I had to use the flash on most of the pictures because of the dull weather conditions !



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