Friday, 15 January 2010

New Project Brief (Unsure what to call it yet !)

The initial inspiration for this project has spawned from scraps of news print left by people in the printing room. There is something I find visually and aesthetically beautiful about how prints are transferred and layered on top of each another onto newsprint, as it is used again and again on the printing press.

During my last project I salvaged some of the scrap newsprint I came across and admired it for it’s accidental beauty. This has led on to me looking at more found objects / unwanted items and thinking of ways in which I could use them within my work.  There are so many objects out there which are dismissed and not looked upon with any thought, which are actually really interesting and inspiring things of beauty !

In this project I want to collect any found and unwanted objects which shout out something to me, and give them a new life in which they can be appreciated more. This may include working into objects and combining them to make new pieces of art, or simply enhancing the way in which they are displayed; giving them a chance to show off their existing visual appeal. Each object has it’s own history and story and this is something I would also like to consider when making works from them. Exploring the properties of different objects and experimenting with them shall play a part in what can be created from the objects I come across in this project.


Kirsty said...

I love your idea. You might find this interesting:

Alex Clauss said...

I share your interest in the discarded byproducts of printmaking. When I do screen printing, the ghost images left on the screen always look really messy and beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could just show those instead of the actual prints they make!