Wednesday, 16 September 2009

2nd Year Begins !

Ok so I've jsut started 2nd year Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone after doing my foundation year back home in Liverpool. It's pretty crazy because at my first meeting I found out there was only 2 other direct entry students....meaning all the rest had come up from DoJ's general foundation last year ! Obviously it's going to take a bit of getting into (Getting to know everyone etc) but everyone seems so friendly so I think it'l be fine !

Yesterday we got given project briefs to choose from. To be honest there was quite a few good ones but I had to go for the digital one ! It looked pretty amazing. Shown below.......

DIGITAL IMAGE - from still to life

Tutors: Norman Shaw (Mon & Tues) and Mark Wallace (Tues)

This project will explore the use of digital technology for manipulating and transforming images, through the re-appropriation of pre-existing images.
You will create a one-minute video collage with sound using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.
You will learn basic image manipulation using layers etc. with Photoshop, basic sound recording and editing, and image sequencing using Final Cut Pro.

1 st Week
Monday & Tuesday: Introduction to the project; sourcing and gathering images; introduction to Photoshop; scanning and manipulation of your images.
Wednesday & Thursday: Continuing to develop and manipulate images on Photoshop.

2 nd Week
Monday & Tuesday: Introduction to sound. Sourcing, gathering and creating the sounds that will complement your images and form the soundtrack.
Wednesday & Thursday: Developing sound piece, and continuing to develop images on Photoshop.

3 rd Week
Monday & Tuesday: Introduction to Final Cut Pro.
This will integrate your images and sounds into a single narrative.
Wednesday & Thursday: Developing final video on Final Cut Pro.

4 th Week
Working towards completion of project.
Group crit and discussion of final works.

You will produce a final video collage on DVD (duration one minute), plus supporting material (images/sounds/sketchbooks/notebooks/research references etc).
You will have gained a basic knowledge of digital image manipulation and video collage.

Location: Studio 4 and digital suites.

Project begins on Monday 21 st September at 9.30am in studio 4

I really think the title appealed to me a great deal "From Still to Life" ! Just that notion of bringing something to life that's not nesscessarily meant to even move let alone do anything else ! This along with the addition of music / film is what really grabbed me ... I've always wanted to be able to create a film / animation in some way and I've never been able to do so so know's my chance !!

Im off for two days now (Today and Thursday) then i'm back in for a history and theory lecture on Friday. So I'm thinking to go out and take some photo's over today and tomorrow of things I may like to animate or bring to life. At the moment i'm thinking natural things eg...plants, small animals etc however these already move and it may be itneresting to animate objects which arent meant to ! We'll see anyway... I'm yet to fine a great deal of inspiration ! Project starts on Monday...and I start trainign at the Orange shop Saturday and I need to get my skates on !