Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Waterless Lithography

OK so I’ve never really done any printmaking before which is why I chose to do this project ! I decided to carry on with my theme of Man / Nature and the contrasts etc.

I have managed to do some test prints using this method of lithography which have come out quite successful and I can really see the potential in using this method !

I have carried on with the idea of drawing sound but also how to combine this with natural elements. Below are some experimental pieces I’ve been playing around with on Photoshop. I first scanned in one of my “sound drawings” which I have also worked into. Then I overlaid a floral image on top in which I had cut the petal sections out ….revealing the drawing underneath.

I plan to use this same method in producing my next series of prints. Firstly by printing a drawn onto lithographic plate and then printing a photographic one over it with the floral image (and sections cut out) on top of it - hopefully this will work but lets just wait and see ! Printmaking can be so unpredictable !

Sketchbook scan One of the Sound Drawings I worked into in my sketchbook

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Floral image (with petal sections cut out) overlaid on top of sound drawing using Photoshop.

Print mock upSame image but smaller Photo – giving a border of the sound drawing.