Monday, 25 January 2010

Yellow Pages !

So there was a yellow pages lying about in the flat and I’ve been looking quite a bit into paper art so I thought I could use it in some way. Below are the results. I was basically experimenting with crumpling the paper and making a sculpture from it. The idea is to use the whole of the yellow pages – or until the sculpture becomes spherical.


P1249031  P1249029 P1249035

I really like the random patterns you get when combining the crumpled paper together. I love how organic it’s starting to look – almost like a coral and  the different colours that are brought together which I probably wouldn't normally use with one another. I shall keep on working on this until it’s either spherical or the pages run out (which I doubt they will!). I’ve really enjoyed working with paper and I think using this material for my project will provide a lot of potential for further works – especially due to the fact it’s so readily available and in terms of “found and unwanted objects” it’s always there to be salvaged !

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Alex Clauss said...

Seeing this on a massive scale as a gallery installation would be really interesting.