Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas Day !

So I went out on a walk with my sister Nikki, her dog Polo and my good friend Kate on Christmas day – just to get out for a bit ! I took my camera of course – and I’m glad I did ! After the visit to the Tony Robert’s exhibition I became really enthusiastic about starting on my project and therefore now even when I’m walking down the street I’ll be looking out for interesting objects that could be used as inspiration or even used in a piece of work!

Unfortunately everything I come across here back home in Liverpool I can’t really use in a piece of work (unless its small) as I wont be able to transport it back up to the studio in Dundee ! Therefore most of the interesting objects I have come across so far I have just taken some photographs of. Even though I can’t use the actual objects I can however use them to spark ideas of how I can use things I will hopefully come across back up in Dundee !

Anyway below are some pictures from a lovely Christmas day walk ! 


PC258237Yes this is my sister and yes she has got rollers in ! Ha-ha she’s a loon  but amazing all the same ! I wonder if I could rob them rollers and use them in some way ?! Ha-ha ! There is actually something about the structure she has created on her head don’t you think  lol ?!


PC258240Polo ! The new family dog ! How cute is he !  Looking innocent here but you should see him when he’s on a mad half hour !



OK so onto some actual arty stuff ! As soon as I seen this I just fell in love with it ! There’s something about objects which have been stripped down to their very basics and inner workings ! The rusty orange colour sat so well against the white background of snow which I think is one of the reasons why I noticed it straight away !

PC258268 PC258269 PC258270 PC258271 PC258272

I really like this set of images showing the detail of the old rusted motorbike. The colours are so beautiful and work really well with each other. The contrast of the orange rust on top of the white snow with the green flecks of grass and moss just flashing through.

That idea of Man and Nature appears through again and how they contrast with one another so beautifully even though the harsh reality is that Man is ultimately destroying it !  I want to get away from this idea of Man v Nature etc! I do really like how they work with one another and contrast so nicely however I don’t want this project to convey some sort of protest towards man destroying nature ! I want this project to primarily be based on visual aesthetics but then work in some concepts and ideas on pieces depending on the objects I find and use ! Ideas and concepts will come naturally and will ultimately depend on the materials and objects I use within my work during the project. 

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