Monday, 22 March 2010


Things are really coming together for Visualyse now ! I’m getting excited, but there’s still quite a lot to do and it’s a week on Wednesday !!!  Today we had a meeting with all the artists who want to exhibit work to work out where the work will be shown in the space and also how it will be displayed. Although not all the people who originally were interested turned up there was quite a few new faces which made up for it and most importantly we have a brilliant and definite variety of different works to exhibit on the night ! Tomorrow we have quite an important 2nd meeting with Matt – who will basically tell us if we can exhibit things in a certain way and if we can’t how we will get around it ! I’m quite worried about this meeting as I’m sure there will be things which we can’t do which we have planned to – however I’m hoping there will be ways around this ! It’s all coming together now which I’m so glad about – I just hope people turn up on the night now ! So if you haven’t already, invite all your friends and spread the word using our face book events page (click here to be taken to it !) =) ! I hate trying to promote things, however it has to be done in order for people to here about the event !

Apart from organising Visualyse I have all my work to finish and finalise before finishing for Easter ! Assessment isn’t until after Easter, however because I’m going home I really need to finish everything as I can’t just go into the studio or the print-making workshops ! This means I have just under two weeks left ! I’m trying to get things together with my prints at the moment. Things seem to be working out well and I think I’m getting somewhere with them however I can’t seem to get things straight ! It’s a pretty big problem at the moment which I need to overcome – especially if I want to display a “final” print ! I’ll produce another post in the near future to evaluate and discuss these prints in more detail ! Printing aside, I also need to figure out what I am doing with my boxes which are displaying the found object sculptures. I have also started putting together a few pages out of my sketchbook which I need to start working on as well(see the post below this!) So alot to get done in these next two weeks as well as sorting out Visualyse for next Wednesday ! Hectic times !

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