Thursday, 11 March 2010


As I mentioned previously I was going to produce some prints using the woodcut prints I made on tissue paper last week using the process of chine colle. On Monday Arthur gave me a mini demonstration on how exactly to work in this way. I first inked up my etching plate and prepared some fresh paper. I then positioned the etching plate on the press (facing upwards). Using photo-mount I then sprayed one of the woodcut prints I had made (on the back) and positioned it onto the plate with the sticky side facing upwards. The paper was then placed over the top and put through the press. Arthur assisted me a lot with my first print which is why it is so straight ! However my second print I produced alone (which is why its not straight at all ! ) This is something which I think takes practice – even though it’s such a simple thing ! Below are the two prints I have produced so far using this technique.




When I produced my first print I was pretty impressed with the results. Arthur seemed really keen on the print as well. I just wasn’t sure about the colour ! This is why on my second print I wanted to try something a bit less subtle – something a bit more strong ! I mixed a rusty brown / orange colour and made my second print with this colour. The colours work better in the second print (in my opinion) – It’s just a shame that I never got it straight ! I think it must have been when I was placing the paper over the plate / woodcut print that things got a bit messed up. The colours of both prints in the second one are pretty similar but it is this worn / weathered look I really like and it’s hard to get two different colours that are not similar when trying to achieve this kind of look.

I had another tutorial yesterday and I was speaking to Arthur about the prints. He was much more enthusiastic about the first print. He said how he liked the way the blue-ish grey colour in the first print was visible over the top of the woodcut print. I do like this as well – I’m just a bit unsure of the blue tone – maybe if it was more grey it would appeal to me more.  In the second print because the colours are too similar you cannot really see the etching print over the woodcut print (only in the white areas). I think if I produce more prints in this way I will take this factor into consideration ! Another thing I will take into consideration is the colour of paper – I have always just thought of printing on white – but using the tan coloured paper due to Arthurs input really opened my eyes to how much the colour of paper can make such a difference to a print !

During my tutorial we spoke of were I was going to go from here. Each week I seem to learn more techniques and processes and even though each time I write on this blog I say its time to take a step back and look at everything I think now it really is ! I mentioned to Arthur how at the beginning of the project I wanted to do more sculptural things and how although I have really enjoyed learning the different print processes I’m unsure if this was the way I would of gone. I spoke again about the idea of making boxes for the sculptures I made from some of the objects I found – and he said I should go and do this before thinking about were to go next – also because the workshop is starting to get a lot busier with assessments coming up etc ! The only problem is – I want to bring both the sculptures / photographs / drawings / prints together. Arthur did mention about decorating the boxes but I just don’t know how I’d go about this at the moment ! I’m going to write a new post about this anyway. I made the boxes yesterday and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out / the fact I actually made them all in a day without having been in the workshop at all before yesterday !

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