Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cantina Exhibition


I forgot how close this exhibition was when I signed up to be part of it ! Anyway I decided to work more on my Yellow Pages sculpture and make some others to go with it ! Mainly because I have nothing else I could actually show and I do really like this piece of work.

Yesterday I dedicated my time to making more sculptures and this went down pretty well as I ended up producing 4 other ones ! 2 medium sized and 2 small – the small ones constructed from using half a yellow page instead of the full ones. To begin with I had no idea how I would display the sculpture (or even if I would produce any more to go with it !) however I thought of the idea of suspending them from above. My flat mates mentioned that the original sculpture I produced would be good as a light and this is what sparked the idea of hanging the sculpture / producing more to be suspended with it.

Although I produced 4 more sculptures yesterday I only hung them all today. Yesterday I played around a bit with hanging the ones I produced in the morning – this was interesting ! Before yesterday I had no clue of how I could actually hang them – I knew I wanted to use fishing wire but how this was going to be attached I had no idea ! Anyway I decided to stitch through the top of the sculptures and this seemed to work pretty well !


Thankfully and to my surprise they were still there hanging this morning! Hanging the few up I produced yesterday morning allowed me to get an idea of how many would look good together and also what size they should be ! The one on the left obviously needed more adding to it – however I liked the size of it and this is what sparked me to produce two sculptures using half a yellow page rather than a full one ! I thought 5 would be a good number – partly because I had no time to make any more but I think 5 is not too many / not to little !


I really think the sculptures look best when viewed from underneath / down low. In the cantina I am expecting to be able to hand them higher up so the tops of sculptures aren’t as visible. Although I don’t mind the sculptures not being completely round– I think they would look better when hung higher.

After deciding to produce two smaller sculptures I came in today and experimented hanging them in different positions


This is before I worked more onto the top left sculpture – seeing them all together definitely confirmed it needed some more pages – it looked too odd ! At first I wanted to work more onto the others as well so there wasn't such a flat top however I like the random wavy shapes each one has at the top and I think if I was to work more onto them they would become too spherical and uninteresting.


I do like it better with more pages added, however I did like the size differences before adding the pages ! It may just be the composition though – because in this picture it is slightly altered ! I think I will move the one currently furthest left – back over to were it was before I added to it.

When I display them in the cantina I also think I will try and display them overlapping each other more as hopefully with the higher elevation I will be able to play around with the heights them and this will allow some to be above / below each other etc – rather than more or less just next to each other horizontally. (Quite hard to describe ! ) Now I also need to come up with a name for my installation piece, and possibly a piece of text to go with them ! I don’t want people to think their just pretty little sculptures made for the sake of it. The whole idea comes from disregarding everyday objects for what they are and simply taking them for granted, not looking at them twice. I do have an explanation for this piece of work in my head – it’s just getting it out and writing it down that's the hard part !

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