Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bringing everything together

I feel like I haven’t stopped ! I have been organising “VISUALYSE” - a collective art night for everyone at DoJ  along with a girl from time based art (Sylvia) which has involved a lot of input lately – it’s been very stressful but I think the night should be worth it as its looking like it will be pretty awesome ! Artists / designers from the college shall be displaying work on the night as well as there being a great line up of music (DJ’s and acoustics - all students at DoJ). There were also be VJ’s who will be generating experimental visuals to accompany the music, as well as a chill out tent featuring films from DoJ artists and large boards for live art to be produced on the night ! Check out the link to the events page – VISUALYSE !

So along with trying to bring everything together and finalise things for Visualyse I also need to bring all my different techniques and ideas together so I can create some interesting works ! I had another tutorial today which went pretty well and got some ideas rolling. I plan to produce some woodcut prints tomorrow on some Japanese tissue paper which I will then chine colle onto my existing etching prints. I plan to build up layers using the large etching prints as a basis through collage, drawing and reprinting over them. Once I have produced some of these works I will then look at how I can incorporate the sculptures produced from found objects into them. I tried placing some of the sculptures I have created, directly onto the large etching print just to see how it looked – and it seemed to work pretty well ! Another possibility is to create frames / boxes to display the sculptures in with prints covering the boxes – or even making paper boxes / frames using the prints to display the sculptures in ! I shall post some pics up once I start making the collage / print pieces !

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