Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Some sketchbook stuff

Although I’ve been trying to work on a larger scale I think having the comfort of a smaller sketchbook is still important to return to when stuck with what to do ! I’ve been using this sketchbook to basically just mess about in and try out some different techniques / ideas – sticking with the same idea of not planning what to produce before hand in hope that stuff from my unconscious comes through.  I haven’t really looked back at them too much yet and can’t really describe what each page means – however I hope to come back to them later and try to grasp what’s going on a bit more ! Like the larger pieces, I don’t know if these are finished / when they will be as I keep coming back and working into them more !




This one was produced at home whilst I was pretty wasted – I decided to stick it in as I could work into it, however I haven’t got round to it yet as each time I go to I just go blank ! I know I’ve been producing work without thinking so it should be easy but I just don’t know what it is with this one !





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