Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Back at DoJ after a lonnng Summer !

The studio’s are so much better this year ! Feel so much more comfortable in these, especially with my little space set up now !

Had my first tutorial with Mary Modeen which seemed to go quite well ! I showed / explained the “unconscious diary” to her and what my ideas were for starting this semester. She suggested going on a bigger scale which is exactly how I felt and also to try using some different media ! She also suggested some artists for me to look at – Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Alec Finlay.

After having a look at some of these artists nothing really jumped out at me. I just wanted to make some work ! I went and bought some A2 sheets of cartridge paper from the art shop and then collaged onto them back in the studio trying to not think as I was working onto the sheets of paper. After these had dried I then went back to them and worked into them further with paint, and then when this paint dried with other media as well ! These larger pieces we’re produced using the same idea as with the doodles – not thinking about what I was creating (just letting it all come “naturally”) I’m unsure as to when / if these pieces will ever be finished – as I feel I could continue working into them forever ! Each piece I’ve made seems to be different – and this may just be due to how I was feeling at the time and what was going on in my unconscious. I’ve also carried on producing more of this type of work in a a4 brown paper sketchbook – which I’ve found quite comforting when I don’t really want to work on a large scale. It’s allowed me to experiment with different materials / techniques and has been a nice place to go to when I get stuck!

I feel this whole working with different media has really give me a lot of different ideas. It’s been so long since I’ve had the freedom of producing work with lots of mixed media ! Through just experimenting – work tends to develop a lot easier without having to think (which is completely what I want to do!) and working with different materials and techniques makes this so much easier ! 

Below are some examples of the larger mixed media pieces I have produced and worked into a bit (although none of them are finished yet and some are worked into more than others!).


This is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve produced so far. I think it’s the colours and random but almost natural shapes that are within it ! I really enjoyed working into this one after I had collaged / painted over it  - the obsessive circles came into play once again !


Close up of piece


Close up of piece



This piece is a bit of a weird one ! It’s got a lot of colour and excitement which I’m not used to ! When going back and working into it I really didn’t know where to start ! The eye began to emerge, and I’m a bit unsure of it ! I’ve always had an obsession with eyes but never been too good at drawing them (especially just from the head!) Don’t know what significance the eye has in this piece but it might be quite an interesting one to work back into at a later date !


Close up of piece


Close up of piece


Close up of piece



I haven’t worked on a black surface for quite some time so this has been an interesting piece to work on ! You can get some really nice effects through working with collage on black paper I think. It’s nice to be able to use white and have it actually show up also ! Again circles come through in this piece and it almost has some sort of futuristic feeling yet quite rustic also !


Close up of piece


Close up of piece



This is a piece I’ve only just started working on. It’s yet to be painted over and worked into ! Through producing these pieces I think I’ve gained some sort of process – collage, paint and then working into with other media ! I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not ! I want a certain spontaneity when producing work were I’m not supposed to have control / thoughts whilst producing ! I started using some plaster in this piece which I thought might be quite interesting to work over !


Close up of piece


Close up of piece

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