Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Some Inspiration !

Nancy Graves

I really like this idea of going more sculptural. Maybe even creating sculptures using random found objects which appeal to me and then working onto them with other materials! The idea that the objects I pick to use will be significant to something deeper I’m feeling. I’m finding a real cross over between expressionism and trying to reveal the unconscious, however I don’t want to worry too much about this as I feel that this project is more about self discovery than anything else – whether it’s revealing inner deeper thoughts from the unconscious or simply helping me express feeling onto paper that I didn’t realise were there.

Thomas Hirschhorn

I like the idea of selecting certain imagery from magazines / newspaper that stand out to me and then working into them. Even though these pieces are quite simple I really like them – even just working with the shapes of certain imagery and enhancing it ! I could also include automatic writing if I was to experiment working in this way – or some other sort of automatic method of producing work e.g. selecting certain words from newspapers and placing them together.

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