Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Group Tutorial / Way Forward !

Had a pretty good tutorial yesterday ! Got so much from it. Was really nice seeing some other people’s work and what the other’s had been up to in the studio ! Unfortunately there was only two other people who turned up to our session which was a shame but it meant that we got to discuss things for longer which was good !

Everyone seemed to like what I’ve been up to and the ideas behind my work, and we were able to have a pretty interesting discussion about a few possible ideas for future work which was really inspiring ! Tiril liked the idea of making a long piece which I could constantly add to – like a continuous flow of unconscious thoughts. I like the idea of bridging out from just making pieces on typical sheets of paper / canvas and using more unusual shapes / formats ! Something else that Mary spoke to me about was constructing a piece from cardboard with a wooden surround which I could then attach things to and build upon ! She recommended bringing as much stuff into the studio as possible so then I can use whatever appeals to me at the time and attach it / work with it ! This type of piece would be a lot more sculptural which is something I’ve wanted to explore a lot more !

We also spoke about how to refine my work a bit more as at the moment I seem to be making work for the sake of making work and although it’s easy to make pieces without thinking about them, it can get a bit repetitive ! I plan to go back and look over what work I have done, in particular the “unconscious diary” and see what things jump out to me and try to understand why these specific things do ! I could then work with these particular words / imagery in more detail and begin to really get familiar with them.

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