Monday, 15 February 2010

More Found Object Photo’s

So I decided to take some more photographs but this time I brought a desk lamp into the studio so I could play around with lighting. I really enjoyed taking photographs in this way again. The fact that you have control of the set up – allowing you to create interesting compositions and control over the lighting is something which I have missed ! 


P2050011 P2050023-1 P2050037-1 P2050039-1

P2050047-1  P2050069 P2050077

P2050087  P2050089  P2050106-1 P2050108 P2050110-1 P2050140 P2050164

I plan to use these as just pictures to work from however I would like to use them in some other way as well. I really liked the shadows that were cast from the objects so maybe this could be another thing I could experiment with. It brought Cornelia Parker’s work to mind (pictured below)


I love this piece of work. I think there is a lot of potential for using objects I have found in a similar way to Parker. I first learnt about this piece in a history and theory lecture back on Foundation – If a remember correctly Parker blew up a shed and then hung all the pieces together in a gallery space. The shadows are an integral part of this work and I think they have just as much (if not more) importance to the piece than the shed parts. This brings back one of the ideas I had of dismantling objects and then putting them back together in a more interesting and visually exciting way.

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