Monday, 17 January 2011

Paris–Day 4


Our final morning ritual of eating croissants and nutella! Sad sad time!


Finally managed to get into The Science Museum! Came across this solar panel usb bonsai amongst a lot of other interesting product designs!


This was awesome. Although it was only a display of the earth, the way it was displayed was really interesting. It was basically a spherical sheet in the middle which was then projected onto at different angles.


This was also really cool. I think it was pretty much a water wheel. Not too sure how it worked, however producing some sort of mechanism with dripping paint to produce circular patterns could be an interesting take on this for my project.


Can’t remember who these were produced by and I stupidly forgot to note anything down! These were really cool though – other ones included mini spider man and mini hulk!


There were quite a few installations / things on display that involved the use of mirrors. I’ve previously experimented with them in previous work however I've never really thought of using them in this project. This could be interesting though, especially with the idea of there being 2 different spaces. In circles – the inner and outer, the mind – conscious, subconscious. etc.


There was also a lot of fun interactive visuals in the science museum. I’d love to be able to have something on display like this at visualyze! Really want to try and get more interactive stuff on show!


Spinning mirrors!



Kind of scary in a way how it just goes on forever and ever and ever when mirrors are placed opposite each other! Given me some interesting ideas though!


Definitely want to try out spinning circles!


So our last trip before we went to catch our plane home was to La Defense in the business district of Paris! I was not expecting it to be as big as it was at all! It was huge!


This kind of shows you just how big it is!


And that was our lovely trip to Paris!

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