Monday, 17 January 2011

Paris–Day 03



Started off the day with a visit to Notre Dame! Got me thinking about the idea of having circles within circles and repetition to create interesting / elaborate patterns.


We then went to the MĂ©nagerie (the zoo) in Jardin des Plantes and found this amazing little fella! He was actually really friendly despite this picture (he’s just in the middle of chewing something!) We named him Stanley!


Cannot believe the zoo had sloths! Have never seen them in real life before but always wanted to! Surprisingly the sloth was moving at super fast speed so it was quite difficult to get a picture!




We then went into the green houses. Looked rather a lot like a set from Jurassic Park as did a lot of the zoo / park!



After the zoo / park we decided to head to the science museum. Just the walk from the metro station to the museum was pretty awesome. There was lots of modern and interesting architecture with seemed to be all linked by these strange red structures.



I was overwhelmed by how huge the science museum was! It really reminded me of the Pompidou with strange scaffolding like features covering the outside! Unfortunately the museum was closed on a Monday which we didn’t realise until we got here, however it was quite nice just having a look around – until we got shouted at by the security to get down from the building! We didn’t want to miss out on the museum though so we decided to go back on Tuesday morning before our flight back home!


This is the large reflective sphere that the science museum is famous for. I love how the reflection is distorted, giving a completely different view of the surrounding space. It really reminded me of  pictures when taken with a fish eye lens.



Because of the museum being closed we decided to go and find a river cruise. This was a lot harder than it seemed! We searched high and low along the banks of the Seine and eventually decided to go back towards the Eiffel Tower we we first spotted the boat tours!


We eventually got on a river tour after much drama including a power cut at the docking station, however it was all worth it to freeze our pants off along the Seine!

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