Monday, 17 January 2011

Nam June Paik at FACT / TATE Liverpool

I was lucky enough to be at home whilst Nam June Paik had a retrospective at TATE and FACT. Some of his stuff was really interesting, especially his piece in collaboration with Norman Ballard – Laser Cone, which was on display at FACT. I cannot describe how amazing this work is. It really takes you away as you get lost within the patterns and shapes that send you into some sort of strange trance like state. I managed to capture a few pictures using a slow shutter speed however this does not do the piece justice at all. It’s something which you have to see first hand. There is even a sense of bond that cannot be described as you lay under the piece and watch the lasers making patterns amongst other complete strangers .









The moving circular patterns were definitely the most hypnotic and I’d love to experiment using similar techniques and ideas using circles! I really enjoyed looking up at this piece as well rather than straight on. It was definitely a different take on how art is viewed which I understand Nam June Paik was interested in.

Video found on YouTube of Paik’s Laser Cone at Fact

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