Thursday, 10 June 2010

Change of Direction

A couple of months back I watched a programme about tourette’s. It fascinated me ! The fact that the tics (the movements and sounds tourette’s sufferers make) are involuntary and uncontrollable led me on to thinking about  whether these actions are some sort of release from the unconscious mind. Firstly because the tics are involuntary, it means they occur without a conscious choice so surely the aesthetics of the tic itself has some sort of relation to the otherwise hidden thoughts and repressions normally kept within our unconscious minds ? Obviously there are some tics which occur - for instance when a sufferer thinks a certain thought about someone but can’t hold it in. This isn’t really a release from the unconscious mind as the sufferer was consciously thinking this thought and just couldn’t hold the thought in to him or herself. Or were they consciously thinking this thought before it was released in a tic ? I’m unsure as to whether tourette’s sufferers have a period between thinking a certain thought before is released in a tic ? It’s a really interesting area and I’d love to do a bit more research into it ! However it’s the exposure of the unconscious mind which I’m particularly interested in and just watching this one programme really inspired me to look into other ways of how the unconscious mind can be exposed. I plan to look more into this through researching more into tourette’s syndrome, dreams and dream analysis, automatic drawing, Freudian theories and explanations and other psychoanalysts' who are particularly interested in the unconscious. This is just a starting point and I have no idea were I will end up however I’m really inspired by this subject and I hope to produce some interesting pieces of art through using it as a source for creativity ! A big change from looking at Found Objects I know however I think I needed a change of direction and hopefully this will give some good results !

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