Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Inspiration from scraps of newsprint ?!

So whilst I was producing all of my prints I had this obsession with removing the newsprint people had left behind on the printing press. This scrap news print however consisted of many sections of other peoples prints all layered on top of each other. As well as sections transferred from other peoples prints there were also marks created by the undersides of printing plates. Really random and obviously not put together with any thought due to the nature of the scraps but they were so beautiful and screaming with potential ! Each time I returned to use the printmaking studios I came across these left behind scraps of newsprint just left on the printing press. I had to salvage them !

Every time I obtained a new piece I took it home, trimmed it down a bit to enhance the quality of it and then stuck it up on my wall. There are quite a few of them there now. I’m currently at home in Liverpool – there still in Dundee so I can’t really admire them at the moment ! Plus I haven’t even took any pictures (stupidly) so you shall have to wait until I get back up there before I can post some up !

Just looking back at that paragraph…..what can I call these things?! These bits of scrap newsprint I have just rescued from being thrown away and never looked upon in the same way again ! They need a title ! But what? I’m sure something will come to me in time haha !

Anyway ! These little beauties really got me thinking about my next project and what I could do for it. It’s a self directed one so I was really chuffed I managed to get some inspiration quite early on !

I started to think along the lines of using unwanted items and giving them a chance to show off their beauty….rather than them just being dismissed for what they are. I could work into these items – make them into real pieces of art….or I could simply enhance the way in which they are displayed ? At this point I don’t want to pinpoint anything – I want to leave things open. I seem to close in on things way to early and this is something I definitely do not want to do for this project !

After having a good think about potential ideas I began having a little research into existing art out there which related to that of what I was thinking ! (This was before we broke up for Christmas) I amazingly found out about an exhibition that was currently on show in the Novas CUC in Liverpool. “Salvage” – an exhibition by Flintshire artist Tony Roberts. It sounded so ideal for what I was currently thinking about !

I really should blog in the present ! I always seem to leave things so late and go back to it ! This will be my new years resolution ! To write about things not so long after ! Anyway I went to see this exhibition and it was superb – this is what my next post will be about haha !

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