Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ron Mueck

Ok so I’ve now finished my digital project. Although I’m not entirely impressed with my final outcome I’ve learnt so so much from creating the film so this is more than enough for me !

A few days ago I visited Aberdeen…mainly to go out with one of my flat mates who lives there, however I had the next day to look around the city. As I was walking around I came across Aberdeen Art Gallery and obviously had to go and have a look inside. I was expecting all the usual traditional artworks, however on entering the pieces on display were a lot more contemporary than I expected !

Tracey Emin’s neon text pieces , Alison Watt’s beautiful realist paintings of draped fabric which I have always wanted to see in the flesh and most impressive and astounded of all: Ron Mueck’s hyper realist sculptures.

Ron Mueck had a variety of his sculptures on display however most breathtaking was his sculpture of a new born baby. However it was no regular sculpture…the baby was of much larger scale and very intimidating to look at for a long period of time, but also beautiful in a way ! It was extremely realistic and had the umbilical cord still attached. I’ve never seen anything like it and was completely blown away and inspired.


Obviously I’m very glad I decided to nip inside of the gallery. Although there was not tons of stuff to see, from what I did see I was very inspired by. It was my kind of artwork which I was not expecting on first entering the space !

Next week I think were doing some sort of drawing project….not to sure what this is yet as were on reading week atm but hopefully it should be good ! I’ll be glad to get back into some drawing !

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